Boris Boyer

Boris Boyer

Boris Boyer is a talented writer who has a passion for helping people know more about other cultures and proves that international dating and marriages are worth it. He learns about new topics every day as he is writing articles for the readers.

5+ years of experience in writing for dating websites and over 10 years of work in the copywriting sphere;
obtains several certifications related to the writing field, including Copyhackers, Men With Pens, and Copyblogger;
has a degree in English.

Boris has been interested in writing since his adolescence and decided to follow this path, turning his hobby into a full-time job. Apart from writing, Boris is keen on reading and traveling, which helps him broaden his horizons and get to know more about the peculiarities of different cultures.

The man has embarked on writing articles on the topics related to dating because he saw it for himself that people from different countries often complement each other and build strong relationships. He understood that this topic is not discussed enough, and that’s the reason why many people are still lonely. Boris has decided to address this problem by using his copywriting experience, which is proved by several certifications, like Copyhackers. He started creating articles focused on international dating and marriage.

Apart from traveling and reading, Boris enjoys group hiking tours and dancing because these are great opportunities for getting to know people and communicating with them on different topics. Besides, Boris has always been a social butterfly, not missing any chance to go out with friends and organize various events to help people meet like-minded acquaintances.

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