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Choosing The Best Dating Site For Marriage: How To Find A Bride Online

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We’ll start with some basic info. There are hundreds of international marriage dating sites. It’s actually very simple: some of them are good, and the others are bad. It makes sense that the number of good ones is much lower than the number of bad ones — as always, diamonds are very difficult to find. These are the facts.

Here is one thing you should know about international dating — you are free to choose between dating sites and sites with mail order brides. What’s the difference between them?

Some men are looking for love and relationships, but they are not sure that they are ready to settle down right here and right now. These singles usually choose global dating sites. Such platforms allow them to meet hot ladies all over the world or in a particular area (for example, Eastern European countries, Latin America, Asia, etc.) and date them. That’s all. Most singles on such platforms do look for serious relationships on a dating website, but they usually want to see how it’s going with a girl or a guy before they make any promises or set particular goals. So, if you just want to date a foreign girl and see what happens, international dating sites will be a nice option.

The so-called mail order bride sites are a bit different. People who use it know exactly what they want. Ladies want to get married to someone who meets their criteria and lives abroad. Men are 100% sure that they are ready to settle down and that they want to marry a girl from a particular country or region. Simply put, people on such sites have specific goals, and they always match. So, if you want to get married as soon as possible, you’d better join a mail order bride website.

And here comes another fact: team knows everything about how to distinguish good dating sites for marriage from the bad ones — we have been doing it for years and that’s what we do for a living. The good news is that we are going to share our experience with you right now — so if you have questions about online relationship sites, you’ve just come to the right place. We’ll talk about the mail-bride countries, about the factors you’ll have to consider when choosing top dating sites for marriage, about the online dating problems, scam, and about the mail-bride prices. We’ll cover all the important subjects here, so continue reading and become a true expert yourself!

How to choose the best dating site for marriage?

Choosing the best marriage dating sites isn’t the easiest thing in the world. What’s more, it’s quite a time-consuming process. Here are the most important factors to evaluate:

  • Safety and reputation. These two factors are the most important ones, and if anything is wrong with the reputation (lots of negative reviews) or safety (no SSL certificate, etc), it’s definitely a red flag.
  • ID verification. Almost all serious dating sites for marriage have an ID verification, which is great if you want to be sure that all its users are real. And you’re only searching for serious dating sites, aren’t you?
  • Number of messaging tools. Live chat, email, video chat — that’s the minimum requirement for every good dating service. We don’t recommend using the sites without a video chat, because if there’s no video chat, there’s no possibility to check if the women are real.
  • Price, customer support, website interface, app. All these factors are not as important as the previous ones, but you still shouldn’t ignore them.

Advantages of mail bride services for men and women

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Hundreds of thousands of American men and foreign ladies use international dating sites, and there are good reasons for that. Let’s talk about these reasons.

When it comes to American men, it’s very simple: they simply want to find feminine, beautiful, and family-oriented women who are willing to travel to the United States. The absolute majority of male users are looking for a serious relationship, and that’s what only mail-bride services can give them, unlike Tinder or local dating sites. Most of the bride sites are also quite cheap, so their popularity totally makes sense.

When it comes to foreign women, everything is simple as that: the ladies who want to find an American husband do actually not have any other options instead of mail bride services. These sites are usually free for female users and they are just great for the ladies who want something serious. Women sign up, upload photos, get dozens of messages, and they can choose from thousands of smart, handsome, and family-oriented American men (yes, we’re talking about you!).

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Which countries are the best to find a wife?

Which country to choose? It depends on your preference. We’ll explain right here.

Are you looking for hot, exotic, and honest ladies? Do you prefer an active lifestyle? Do you want to have an emotional wife? Then think about a Latin bride — thousands of them are waiting for you on Brazilian and Colombian dating websites.

If you want to marry a family-oriented and very beautiful lady who will make you the happiest husband in the world, think about dating a Slavic girl. Lots of these ladies from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, and other Eastern European countries are ready to date you!

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Well-educated, ambitious, traditional, and exotic brides from Asia are also ready to meet you. If you’re going to date an Asian, you can choose between China, Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand.

How to fill the profile to attract more ladies?

We won’t write an essay here, because essays are boring. We’ll tell you three main rules of filling out the profile right now — follow them and you’ll love the result!

  • Don’t write an essay, because essays are boring. Yes, we’ve already said it, but it’s worth repeating — thousands of men write very, very long profile descriptions, which is a big mistake. Be brief and catchy, and you’ll get lots of messages from the girls!
  • Find some professional photos. If you don’t have any, order a photo shoot — yes, looks aren’t the most important thing in the world for foreign women, but if you have at least 1-2 professional pictures, you’ll get much more attention.
  • Always be honest. A lie is a red flag for almost 100% of women from all over the world — and if you’re going to find a long-term partner, it would be logical to be honest with her from the very beginning of your story.

Problems of online dating

International dating is convenient, cheap, and very popular. But it’s not perfect — and we believe that you should know about the possible problems you may face. Here they are:

  • You’ll probably have communication problems. Don’t forget that all these foreign women have different traditions and customs and that it will most likely be quite difficult for you to understand their cultural background.
  • Language barrier. Yes, lots of foreign brides know English well, but not when it comes to spoken English — so you will have to overcome this language barrier, at least at the beginning of your relationship.
  • Not 100% of the profiles are real. Unfortunately, some women lie, exaggerate, and just don’t tell you everything. Long story short, you’ll have to spend some time with a woman to know her more, and it’s quite difficult to do it when you have to pay for every letter and for every minute of a video chat.

International marriage scams

Yes, unfortunately, it’s still real. Some sites don’t have an ID verification (that’s why we’ve said that it’s very important), which means they have lots of bots and fake profiles. There’s nothing bad about it… except such profiles are often used to get money out of American men. Romance scammers do always ask men for money, and the worst part of the story is that hundreds of men believe them and do really send them money. On the other hand, it’s very easy to avoid such scams.

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There are two things every online dater must know. The first thing is: giving your gf money doesn’t mean showing love, it does only mean that she wants to get your money and you just can’t resist it. The second thing is: giving money to the person you’ve never met is the stupidest thing ever. Always remember these two things and you’ll never lose money!

How much is a mail order bride?

According to our experience, the majority of American men spend $200—$1,000 to find a woman. On average, the dating services are not too expensive, and $40—$50 is enough to buy a 1-month premium membership.

After that, you’ll have to spend more, of course. All the things like flights, hotels, restaurants, cruises, and travel insurance are quite expensive — if you’re going to visit the home country of your date, be ready to spend $3,000-$5,000.


So, you want to find the best dating websites for marriage, and we know how to help you. team has spent dozens of hours to find and test the best dating services for our customers. Now, when you know more about online dating safety and about possible problems, you can choose any website from our list, sign up for it, and start finding a wife today!