About Us: How BridesWorldSite Chooses Top Dating Websites

On this BridesWorldSite, you can find lots of reviews of dating websites and mail order bride platforms. All of them were created by our team of enthusiasts, sociologists, and designers who believe that finding a good site should be much easier for a user. There are thousands of platforms on the web, and we don’t analyze all of them, but we carefully review every popular website to help you understand if you should use it or not.

Are we sponsored?

In short, yes, we are. This website is totally free for everyone who visits it, so we promote some brands here to have an opportunity to keep working and analyzing the websites. We get our financial reward only after someone follows the link to a dating site on BridesWorldSite.com, sings up, and makes the first purchase.

We’d like to emphasize that this reward is not the only thing that affects the way we score dating websites. We also analyze and take into account a lot of aspects such as the website’s reputation, other members’ experience, our own overall experience in the community, billing policy, and many, many other different factors. If a website is decent, it will appear on our rating.

How we create our reviews & rankings of international dating websites

Simply put, we are a team of enthusiasts. Some of us are analysts, some are sociologists, and some are professional webmasters. We find the most popular dating sites on the web, join them, use them, find all available information about them and then gather all empirical data they get, draw conclusions and compare the offers from this company to the offers of its competitors. Our team makes every effort to provide you with the most relevant information about the websites and to check all updates.

Things about the dating platforms that matter most

As we’ve noted before, there are like a dozen things we consider when reviewing a dating site or a mail order bride platform. However, some of them are more important ones. Which ones affect our decisions most and why? Here are the answers.


It’s not only about the number of members, it’s also about the quality of the dating experience. We use various SEO platforms like SE Ranking, SimilarWeb, and other services to see how many people actually use the site monthly (the data are often different from figures provided by the site itself) and how many of them stay or leave.

Level of customer satisfaction

People always post reviews on platforms like trustpilot.com, sitejabber.co, and we never publish our own reviews without reading the feedback. Our team distinguishes the reviews that seem real, analyzes the complaints and positive feedback — that not only helps us understand if most customers are satisfied with the services but also identify the pros and cons of every site.

Quality of support services

When we join such sites, we usually face (or pretend to face) some difficulties, and like all other users, we want our problems to be solved ASAP. So we try to reach support to find out if it works properly.

User interface & user experience

As we noted above, we have designers in our team. They also sign up for such sites and test the platforms to find out how good navigation, design and general user experience really are. Also, we care about mobile optimization: it should be great as most users log in and communicate with the other members of the site using their smartphones.

Members of the community

We don’t evaluate the level of wealth and overall attractiveness of people as these are subjective factors, but we do evaluate members in terms of the quality and details of their bio. We also check how active users on the site are, how fast and often they reply, and how they behave overall.

As you can see, there are a lot of things that affect our decisions, our scores, and the things we say in our articles. After all, user experience, in this case, depends on lots of criteria from the website’s effectiveness to its design, and our goal is to consider all of them.